Photos: Nickelback @ St Jakobshalle

Nickelback @ St Jakobshalle - Basel

Basel, 21 January 2010

A rule of thumb I have come to learn taking concert photos is “the bigger the band, the further away you will be”. Nickelback managed to stick to that rule and placed us a good 20-30 metres away from them and at the end of the runway. We were all hoping Chad might pop out and smile for us, but unfortunately he couldn’t make it. Hence all 10 of the press photographers came away with a similar set of images given the lack of close up or spontaneous opportunities.

For this set I used almost exclusively the 70-200mm on the 5DII. The nice thing was that I pulled the ISO well back to the 1000 area (instead of my usual 3200) and still was shooting up there in the 1/500 area f/2.8, which was essential given the focal length… Some of the images are cropped from the 21MP RAW files, but that was also a conscious decision at the time of shooting knowing how far back we’d be.

If you are shooting Nickelback this tour, take your longest lens and a converter if you have one!

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