Photos: Stereophonics @ X-TRA

Stereophonics @ X-TRA - Zurich

Zurich, 9 February 2010

My first gig for couple of weeks and I was definitely looking forward to playing with the cameras again. The Stereophonics made me sign a release, but in actual fact it was very sensible and I thank them (or the management) for being very human on this unlike a number of other bands out there.

I had a chance to chat to Toby, who is a key person at the X-Tra, and I managed to joke with him about my thoughts on the photo-pit-cum-stairs in his club 😉 He is a great guy and it really was nice to have a conversation (actually in English instead of my poor German!) about various aspect of concerts and photography. Hopefully I’ll catch him again soon…

Anyway, Stereophonics had a nice colour range, all-be-it a little dark on the front light perspective. I used the 5DII with 24-70 at ISO3200 and a few shots on the 1DII with 50/1.8 at ISO1600 just for fun. Shutters were kept up there in a good range with those combo’s, but sometimes the highlights were a little blown. I’m still (yes, still!) missing the spot metering with AF point on the 5D as I tend to flip the single AF point all over the place while shooting in order to get good framing and use the whole sensor and ultimately try to crop in post as little as possible.

Last, I was able to chat to a few fans in the front row (90% women btw), and a very nice lady from Bern turned out to actually be from Wales and has been in Switzerland for 13 years, beating me by 4!!! I’d still like to know which one of them grabbed my backside as I was leaning over and maybe buy her a few drinks and a dinner 😉 Certainly was a first for me in the pit 😀

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