Photos: Malefice @ Salzhaus

Malefice @ Salzhaus - Winterthur

Winterthur, 10 January 2010

The world gets smaller. Again…

I was at the Kittie gig, and had showed up early to catch the support acts in order to check out the lights and ‘set up’ in the Salzhaus knowing its limitations for the photographers. The first band up mentioned to the audience they were from the UK and to come chat to them after their set. So I did. (Actually, it is interesting to chat to the support bands in the small venues when you get the chance, especially if they are from your home country. They often like to hear a familiar accent…)

Anyway, I asked the guitarist where the band was based and the reply was ‘Reading’. Next question – do you know Martin of Martin’s Lights? ‘Of course we do…’ Turns out they have worked with him quite a lot on videos and shows!!! So a quick SMS to my good friend confirmed the connection and we chat on and I meet the other guitarist as well. What a great bunch of guys, and a great sound too. Do catch them on tour if you can…

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