Prints of various sizes can be ordered and sent to you direct.

Pricing will depend on size, print costs, and postage, but it’s very simple; the longest side of the print in Centimetres (cm) will be the base cost in CHF, then add the production cost + postage and you get the full price…

Base Cost Examples:

  • 10cm x 15cm: CHF 15
  • 40cm x 40cm: CHF 40
  • 100cm x 50cm: CHF 100
  • 100cm x 150cm: CHF 150

To determine the additional production COST + POSTAGE please visit the following print providers:

If you have a preferred on-line provider in your home country, we will be happy to use them instead.

Email including the flickr URL of the image(s) for print details and exact pricing and payment methods.