Photos: Kaiser Chiefs @ Komplex 457

Kaiser Chiefs @ Komplex 457 - Zurich

Kaiser Chiefs @ Komplex 457 - Zurich

Zurich, 10 November 2011

Firstly, photographing the Kaiser Chiefs in Zurich is an interesting moment in terms of my music photography exploits. They were the first main-stream act I managed to get a pass for and I have to thank RockStar Magazine for that opportunity and the subsequent support they have given which enabled me to shoot many, many major stars and create a name for myself here in Zurich.

Second, it marks 3 years since this creative journey began. Back in November 2008 I decided to see if I could bring together my interests in music and photography and actually make something out of them. I’ll let you be the judge of how good or bad I’ve done so far!

Third, I am reaching the 200,000 ‘view count’ level in flickr. It took around 2 years to make it to 100,000 but only one more year to add the next 100,000. I am happy with this effort since my photos are not posted to every flickr group imaginable, but discovered by fans and other concert photographers alike.

Last, as far as this gig goes; 1D4 with 24-70mm at f/2.8 ISO2500 and shutters in the range of 1/100 – 1/250. Some nasty blue lights, a good amount of strobes, and some heavy white backlighting. First 3 songs, no flash…

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