Photos: Newton Faulkner @ KKL

Newton Faulkner @ KKL Luzern

Luzern, 24 July 2010

This was a private affair… my very good friend Martin was lighting Newton and came to Zurich the night before to stay with us and have dinner. In fact, dinner made it to Twitter (and then Facebook) when Martin mentioned to Newton he had a slight headache the next morning due to the cheese fondu I’d cooked… Martin kindly organised passes for the whole family, and my young daughters had a chance to check out the tour bus, stand on the stage, have dinner backstage, and actually chat with Newton before the show, something they won’t forget I’m sure!

Thanks to Martin and Patch for the passes, also ‘hi’ to the rest of the crew that I’d already met in London at the Apollo (for behind the scenes, soundcheck and the main show) and who all remembered me from that shoot. And finally to Newton who is such a laid-back dude whom my 6 year-old now keeps asking when we are going to see him again!!!

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