Eric Clapton

Photos: Eric Clapton @ Royal Albert Hall 1988

April 3, 2015 // 0 Comments

    This is way back when in January 1988 before I even imagined taking photos at concerts professionally. I was seeing one of my heroes, and took a Ricoh 35mm SLR under my coat, mounted with a 70-200mm zoom, and loaded with Fuji Slide Film. The film may well have been pushed a few stops, and the shots were all hand-held at 200mm and (I guess) f/5.6 from half way back in the stalls. I reckon got a few reasonable shots in the end…

Photos: Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood @ St Jakobshalle

May 26, 2010 // 0 Comments

Basel, 26 May 2010 “EC was here” is the title of one of his earlier albums. This show from a photography perspective could have been called “EC is way over there in the distance somwhere”. It was a shame, but we had to shoot the first two songs from the very back of the hall… probably 150m away at least. I tried to come prepared, having picked up a 1.4x extender the day before. It helped. The lights were good enough that I was not too disadvantaged by the drop to f/4.0, and even pushed the ISO back to 1600 or even lower while keeping shutters up above the critical 1/250 level to avoid too much shake at 200mm x 1.4… but in the end […]