Photos: Shakira @ Hallenstadion

Shakira @ Hallenstadion - Zurich Shakira @ Hallenstadion - ZurichShakira @ Hallenstadion - Zurich

Zurich, 8 June 2011

Very pretty… even if she did keep the crowd waiting nearly 45 minutes after the show was supposed to start!

I travelled ‘light’ equipment-wise to this gig knowing it was a soundboard shoot, bringing only the 1D4 body, two long lenses and a 1.4x converter. In the end we were positioned at the same distance as the soundboard but over to stage left on some steps which gave us a view above the crowd’s heads, so many thanks to Mirjam for sorting that out ahead of time!

Shots were all on 1D4 + 300mm and 1.4x converter, the 70-200mm stayed in the bag. ISO 2500 and f/4.0 with shutters in the 1/500 range. The limitation with the fixed lens was only really felt when I wanted the wider shots with the lasers, but this was more than outweighed by the reach when she was 50m away on the stage.

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