Photos: In Extremo @ Volkshaus

In Extremo @ Volkshaus - Zurich

Zurich, 10 April 2011

Broadening my musical horizons yet again, this time in the direction of German medieval-folk-metal band “In Extremo”, who were ably supported by speed-folk artists “Fiddler’s Green”. In Extremo manage to play a variety of unusual instruments while singing in various known, and lesser-known, languages…

Anyway, hardly fantastic lighting by the Volkshaus’s standards for photography – not much variety and not much of it to be honest (but way better than the candles I imagine must have been in use during the 1500’s). Shooting songs 1 – 3.5 (yes ‘three-and-a-half”) after the short video intro and a quick pyro-flash before being allowed into the pit. The stage was unusual with a small area jutting out front that the singer was on, plus a remote video camera set-up that everyone was a bit nervous about the photographers getting caught in. The odd shape stage meant we could effectively get around the side and take some good angles. I shot two bodies, the 1D4 mostly with 24-70mm, and 5D2 with the 16-35mm. I switched the 1D4 over to 70-200mm for the third song. Everything at f/2.8 and ISO1000, shutters pretty steady at 1/400 area – a good combo for sharp and clear images in that lighting!

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