iPhone Hipstamatic

I’m now using an iPhone 4S full time. I’ve been an Apple person for the past 3 years+ after deserting the MS PC world. It’s escalated (alarmingly) from just an iMac to now include a MacBookPro, iTouch, iPod, and a couple of iPads… plus of course the latest addition of an iPhone.

Having something with me all the time that could take photos caused me to look into what the camera could do. The 8MB seems quite nice, but something about the photos just were not doing it for me (maybe it was the low light, maybe the ‘all in focus’ thing, or the unfamiliar phone-photography-world, not sure…) So I edited a couple of shots with the Photoshop iPhone App and was a bit happier (example), but my attention quickly turned to those ‘retro’ looking shots that seem to show up all over these days.

I picked the Hipstamatic app. It isn’t tied to a website or community, and the variety and unpredictability of the images given different film/lens/flash and lighting combinations is quite appealing (but takes some experimentation!). The fixed ’35mm’ lens is also interesting to shoot with, emphasising the need for original image composition – which is a good thing anyway.

At first I thought I could manage one of those “365 day” photo diaries, but after only 1 day figured out this is not for me… But having the ‘camera’ around means I am now looking for things to photograph and then possibly share with others, but not on a 365-day basis you’ll be glad to hear.

If you’d like to see what this little app produces for me, then take a look here at the folder I upload into on flickr. The number of shots will gradually increase, hopefully in quality and interest as well!!!

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