Photos: Newton Faulkner @ Hammersmith Apollo

Newton Faulkner @ Hammersmith Apollo - London

Charlie Winston Charlotte O’Connor
Charlie Winston @ Hammersmith Apollo - London Charlotte O'Connor @ Hammersmith Apollo - London

London, 17 March 2010

These shots are quickly picked from a sample of around 900 images taken during the whole day in the Apollo. It was a great opportunity organised by my friend Martin of Martin’s Lights to shoot everything from load-in to load-out of this last gig on Newton’s headline UK tour. Makes a big change from showing up 20 minutes before the main act and leaving after 3 songs! This time I could shoot the whole show, unrestricted, and from the stage 🙂 Also, I ate some really awesome food – thanks to the catering ladies!

Concert shots were on the 5DII switching between all my zooms, with a whole bunch of shutter speeds and apertures ranging f/2.8 – 5.6. Lighting was excellent, Newton was pretty static standing or seating, thus making the actual concert shooting pretty easy. The only tricky item being that he needs to be at the mic all the time and I was constantly trying to pick moments when he moved away in order to get that full-face shot.

I collected images of the stage being set up, the lighting, the sound checks, the support acts, and various other backstage shots. It was an amazing day.

I have to thank everyone I met, they are all such a great bunch of people doing an excellent job and making a really outstanding show for Newton, an unique artist! You should certainly check out his sound, he is rising fast in the UK… also read what The Times had to say about his gig a few days prior.

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