Photos: Hypocrisy @ Dynamo Werk

Hypocrisy @ Dynamo - Zurich

Survivors Zero

Survivors Zero @ Dynamo - Zurich


Reqiuem @ Dynamo - Zurich

Zurich, 11 February 2009

My first time in the hall at Dynamo, previously only having shot down in the ‘cavern’ underneath. But despite well below freezing temperatures outside, the place was pretty full and thus pretty hot!

I made it to the venue early to catch REQUIEM on stage and take a few photos of them. I met bass player Ralf the week before to agree a promo shoot for March with the new line-up. Great band, great guy!

The venue had no photo-pit, and the kind of lights you’d expect for death metal, so it was pretty fun fighting for a place at the front 🙂

All shots were on the 5DII with 24-70mm (I only brought one body as I knew it would be tight in there), ISO3200 and f/2.8 with a range of something like 1/60 – 1/250 shutter speeds if the lights got a little bright. Hypocrisy (naturally) had the bigger light show, but still not much front lighting to be had…

This gig was much more ‘social’ than usual. I met up with two fellow RockStar employees, had a chat with Requiem (naturally), and finally met a well know metal photographer for the first time having ‘known’ her only by email for about a year! And, of course, getting to say ‘hi’ to the regular Free & Virgin team who are such a friendly crew and make waiting around at gigs more fun!

Ian Keates
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