Prints of various sizes can be ordered and sent to you direct.

Pricing will depend on size, print costs, and postage. Examples:

  • Photo print up to 20cm x 30cm: CHF 20 + COST + POSTAGE
  • Poster 30cm x 40cm: CHF 40 + COST + POSTAGE
  • Poster 50cm x 70cm: CHF 70 + COST + POSTAGE
  • Canvass print up to 40cm x 40cm: CHF 100 + COST + POSTAGE
  • Canvass print 60cm x 80cm: CHF 150 + COST + POSTAGE

To determine approximate COST + POSTAGE please visit the following print providers:

If you have a preferred on-line provider in your home country, we will be happy to use them instead.

Email including the URL of the image(s) for print details and exact pricing and payment methods.